The Ultimate Essay Checklists

The Ultimate Essay Checklists
  1. What is the topic of my essay?
  2. What are some two or three point topics that fit under the main topic essay writer could use if this essay ends up being too long?
  3. Do I have enough ideas for each paragraph to make it interesting, but not too many where it becomes unfocused and repetitive?
  4. What is my thesis statement for this essay? (Check that you actually do have one.)
  5. Is my thesis statement supported by evidence, quotes, and reasoning incorporated into each body paragraph of my essay?
  6. Do all of my paragraphs begin with a good transition sentence that connects them to the previous paragraph?
  7. Do all of my paragraphs end with a good transition sentence that connects them to the following paragraph?
  8. Is there any unnecessary information in my essay, such as too many quotes or irrelevant material describing something interesting I did while working on this essay?
  9. Should anything be left out from this essay because it is just filler or rambling and does not help make my argument clear?
  10. Have I re-read through my essay and edited it as necessary so that everything in here is well written and flows correctly, with few errors in spelling, grammar, interpretation of sources, etc.?
  12. Did I proofread it carefully for any errors or typos that have since been edited out in write my essay ?
  13. Is my essay based on any one source, and do I reference it in my bibliography properly?
  14. Have I built an outline for this essay beforehand so that the flow of information is planned out and purposeful, not random and fragmented?
  15. Is there a clear introduction to this essay (including thesis statement) that grabs your reader's attention right off the bat?
  16. Do all of my paragraph conclusions end with strong sentence statements summarizing their content and referencing back to the main body of evidence supporting my thesis argument?
  17. Does each paragraph begin with good transition sentences that set the context for what is about to come?
  18. Do my transitions, especially between paragraphs, flow smoothly and logically or do they seem forced and random?
  19. Is each topic sentence in a paragraph thoroughly supported by clearly explained support for my thesis argument (making sure to avoid any excessive repetition of material)?
  20. Are there enough examples I can provide to back up and clarify my arguments so that everything I write is clear and well-supported?
  21. Do all of my sentences make sense grammatically, structurally, and thematically?
  22. Am I using specific details to paint more vivid word pictures with my reader than if I was just writing in a bland and general manner?
  23. Am I using the right tone when writing, appropriate to what I want to convey with my argument?
  24. Does my essay have an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion that flow logically from one to another?
  25. Are there any quotes or outside material that can be removed because they aren't relevant or don't do anything for me?
  26. Should anything be added to this essay for balance or further explanation so that it isn't too short/too long? (thesis statement is not included in word count)
  27. What would anyone reading this essay say about it if it were published in a magazine? If someone were to disagree with my argument, what would they say and how would essay writing service respond if given the chance?
  28. Is there anything in here that might be offensive or disturbing to others for any reason, such as an insult (personal/group), discrimination against a group of people, etc.? How can it be changed to prevent such offense without completely sacrificing the integrity of my writing?
  29. Would this essay be better off being written in first person instead of third person point of view so that readers get more involved emotionally with what I'm saying?



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